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The Cordova Rebellion

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Hey Guys! It's me, Vincente Cordova. I'm planning a rebellion and you're all wecome to join us. I'll bring the money, since I'm a rich and connected Nacogdochian. You bring any side weapons you'd like. The Texans don't know we're coming, so keep it hush-hush "y'all"!

Vincente Cordova

Friday, May 20th 1836 at 6am

Neches, TX

Neches, TX

Who's Invited?
1) Any Mexican Nationals who were here before the 1820s and who's rights have been unprotected under the Texian rule
2) Any tribe of Native Americans, especially the Cherokees who want to own the land they've live on for generations
3) Mexican troops


Early A.M. - Attack the Texians and drive them out of our Mexican state! We want to return to the glory of the Mexican Constitution of 1824 and return our land.
After that - Try to capture Sam Houston (pictured left) and kill him (and all Texans for that matter). We've already told the Cherokee that they can wipe Texas clean of whites.
Then - Honor the Mexican Constitution of 1824
Later - Give the Cherokee the property rights they have been asking for in East Texas. Sure we broke our treaty with them in the 1820s, but Texas broke their treat with the Native Americans as well! Let's take advantage of their anger towards Texas.