Norwegian Texans

By Britney Ting

Push Factors

Norwegian Texans left Norway for a few reasons. One of the main reasons was to have more freedom. They also came to practice religion that they desired escape a harsh and strict government, and to avoid becoming really poor and living in a poor economy. The farmers in Norway were considered lower class and sometimes a slave.

Pull Factors

They came to Texas because many found Texas' freedom very very intresting. They thought it was pleasant and had very good land. The people could do whatever they pleased even though there were certain laws and fines. The economic situation in Texas seemed like it was thirving so many Norwegians came here to be successful farmers. The land was cheap and they earned lots of money

Norwegian Culture

The Norwegian people have a very intresting culture. The Norwegian people have a very casual culture. They show a lot of respect , though. When invited to someone else's house you are required to bring a gift or present. The woman are treated very fairly and no one is racially discriminated. The live in a farming type of culture so their way of life is not a very complicated like people who live in urban areas.

Important People

  1. Johannes Nordboe- He was the first person to come to Texas from Norway.
  2. Ole Ringness- He invented the disc plow
  3. Cleng Peerson- He scouted the Bosque River along with Johannes Nordboe and Ole Ringness.

Did You Know................?

  • Norway's culture is adapted from other European countries like Sweden and Denmark.
  • Grocery store aren't allowed to be open on Sunday's, but gas stations with groceries are open.
  • Even though Norway is one of the greatest gas producers in the world, it has the most expensive gas.
  • The food in Norway is very expensive. Some people want to get cheaper groceries so they drive across the border to Sweden to get there groceries
  • Norway has only a 4 week summer break after that they start school again.
  • Norwegian people aren't the most social people. They don't prefer talking to strangers unless they absolutely have to.
  • You can only buy wine and beer at 1 store. So if they want to buy beer or wine they have to decide where they're going to buy it from for the rest of their life.

Analysis (part 1)

The Norwegians have taught us alot about farming. The people were farmers back in Norway so when they immigrated here they brought all there skills here and passing ti on to others around them. The evidence is all the farmers here in Texas all our produce is nice and healthy because of the Norwegian Texans, they taught us all about farming.

Analysis (Part 2)

Texas really needed the immigration from Norway to help with the farming of land. They could teach us their way of life and we could teach them ours.


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