Digital Footprints

Why is it Important?

Digital Footprints

A digital footprint is the mark a person leaves on the internet. A digital footprint is important because it gives others insight on the kind of person someone is and it is very helpful for someone to have a positive digital footprint.

My Digital Footprint

My digital footprint consists of things of my family and content that entertains me. Three tools that I use are YouTube, Facebook, and Blogger. The way how I use YouTube is to just watch videos that I think I would enjoy. This could be harmful because some of the channels that I am subscribed to might make another person think badly of me, because it contains crude and dark humor. The videos that I watch can tell others that I have a great sense of humor and others show that I can think creatively. Next, how I use Facebook is to post silly things to my family and browse my wall for other posts that interest me. Since I am not posting anything worth real value it doesn't have much effect on my digital footprint in a positive way. It also doesn't have a real negative impact on my digital footprint either because I don't post inappropriate things. This shows that I am responsible and that I have a great relationship with my family members. Finally, this year I used Blogger to blog about a project that I was working on. Blogger has a more positive impact because I used for a good purpose and didn't use it just for entertainment. Then it just depends on others about how they view the writing I did on blogger. The writing on Blogger shows that I am hardworking, but that I need some help with time management skills.

How Does My Digital Footprint Impact My Future?

Now many colleges and employers are looking at potential workers social media accounts. So far I think I have done a good job with my social media accounts. As said before, on Facebook I don't post inappropriate things, so for future employers this shows that I am a very responsible person. My responsibility on the Facebook is very helpful. Then with Blogger it can show the colleges and employers that are inspecting me, that I am hardworking. That helps quite a bit, but it also shows that I have a little bit of a struggle with handling time. In that case, Blogger can be harmful. Finally, for YouTube, it can show them my creativity and sense of humor. Those traits are helpful because they can rely on me to come up with new ideas and it can suggest that I have good people skills. Even though all I watch is videos on YouTube, it is helpful for my future.

How to Improve My Online Identity

I can improve digital footprint and my identity online by posting content that has some real value. An example is posting things about getting others to come with me to do some charity work or putting up important and informative news articles. I could also get more connected with others that have the same interests as me and people that have done similar projects. Getting connected with other people would help me get in more touch with big events that could boost my reputation and career status.

Maintaining a Positive Footprint

The most important thing that I have learned about maintaining a positive footprint is to keep in mind the kind of people that are going to see the content that I post. It helps me to make better choices on the internet and hopefully in the future it will payoff. Thinking twice about something is the best lesson that you can use in your life.
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