Toronto, Canada

The toronto guide to have a awesome time

Want to express your taste buds to the wonderful foods of Toronto.

In Tronto the great foods the exotic foods are all alike like all bugs are alike the reason is because maple is a main ingrediant to most foods. The dietry for canadians is shell fish and since Toronto is not close to water so us americans have to sell them our "fresh" fish to them. Jame is another main ingrediant to food Jame is usually found in maple products. the famous wines like Cake Bread Cellers Ect. and the most famous bread and butter sellers too. These are the exsquisit foods of Toronto.

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These are the great culture places of Toronto

Torontos culture was when the French and the British colonized them that is mainly why they speak English and French. The Canadians have the beast myths or tails witch ever you prefer and you have probably herd a American tail but once you hear what Canadians can make up you'll be surprised the main reason they are so good is because they created them. The arts of Toronto is a europeian style art because they took over them but the pictures are mainly looking like Wars and battle. Toronto has great people there that can draw very good and also they can make great marble carvings too the reason the people are so good is because the Vikings where there before and they are good drawlers.


If your in Toronto you'll love these places

lets jump in great sights like air Canada centre Denfourth a grate vacation sopt when their is nothing left to do.young street is a bord walk but it is very high in the air with no water best for scenic walks. Osgoode Hall is a beautiful place old but not too old it is like the Alamo i is very cool.Manulife Centre it has a little bit of everything a shop and saloon if you think of it they have it.The great places to go.

Landmarks/Historical Sights

If your there you should know...

Bay street is a great historical sight but NOT a tourist spot it is just a great place to see and look at the history. Royal bank plaza is a bank (obviously) it is the longest built bank left I would put my money in that bank. Chum City is not a city at all it is a place where the T.V's are made.River Date is a old park that has been around for many years and is perserved so know one can cut it down. Now you Know.


If you are coming to canada you may need to be bilingual.

The main languages spoken in canada is english and french because the French and Great Briten colonized them because they are mean. When all Canadians started moving west and they started speak ing more and more languages like Spanish and Brazilian. Don't worry if you go to Toronto the most commonly spoken language there is English it is actually not Canadian I know.


You'll need to know the temperature

When you go to Toronto Canada watch the weather forcast for hurricane. In Toronto the Great Lakes usually makes the summers hotter and the winter colder. The winter in Toronto is very cold like blow frezzing cold it is usually -5 degrees. Here is a chart of the usual tempature for all seasons summer 25 degrees spring 11 degrees fall 14 degrees and winter -5 degrees.

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