Eye for Eye

Ishmael Beah "Memoirs of a boy soldier"


"When he said this, we all got angry and drove our knives in and out of the banana trees until they fell to the ground."

Explanation of quote

This quote explains how the boys were exploited by there general to awaken the anger that rested in them. This pushed the boys to their limits and drove them to seek vengeance.

Connection between quote and story

The quote explains one of the techniques that their generals used to brainwash the young boys. The bananas represented the rebels that killed their family members.

Depict of image

We chose to do it this way because as you can see the banana is a life size banana. The meaning behind it is that in the head if Ishmael it was a rebel soldier which made him remember the death of his family members and made him want to unleash his anger out on it, but in reality it was just a banana tree.

Importance of the Quote

This quote is important because it shows how anger motivated them to stab the banana tree, but soon will lead them into wanting to get back at the rebels for the death of their family members.

Why we chose this quote

This quote shows the start of the boys wanting to get back at the rebels for what they did even if it meant killing them.