May STAAR Testing

Elgin Elementary School

Testing Tidbits


Once again, thank you for your flexibility during STAAR Testing time. Some of our 5th graders will be administered a reading re - test on Tuesday, May 12, 2015. The central testing location for all testing this time around, will be in the library, the computer lab, and the small rooms located near the library. As always, this electronic bulletin will always have the most current information regarding STAAR at Elgin Elementary School. Thank you in advance! Should you have any questions, please see me or contact me via email.

Felicia Turner

Assistant Principal

What will EES Look Like on Testing Day?

Since we only have 37 testers, The day will not be on a complete "shut down day" like before. Faculty and staff will resume with their normal day. Here are some things to consider:


The lunch schedule will not be affected by testing. Teachers will need to resume with their normal lunch schedule. Students can eat in the cafeteria. However, I would suggest that the noise level be kept very low since students will be testing in the library and the small offices close to this location.


Specials will resume as normal. Please keep in mind, that when you are transitioning from one location to the next, students should be quiet. Please avoid high traffic in the testing areas and use the longer routes when possible, to travel to your destination.

Teacher Breaks

There will not be any special breaks given to teachers. You should use your planning time and/or lunch time to take care of your needs.


Your classes should continue with their regular recess schedule. Please avoid high traffic in the testing areas. Once again, you can use the longer routes to transition to your destination.

Hopefully, this information will help you as you plan for next week. Should you have any questions, feel free to speak directly with me or email me at

Our Test Administrators for the May Administration of STAAR

  • Angela Griffin
  • Jennifer Herring
  • Lindsey Heselbarth
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Joanna Smith
  • Krista Marx
  • Jessica Miller
  • Ashley Rawson
  • Susan Vandament

For 5th Grade Teachers

  • Please consider writing a positive note to each of your classroom testers. You can give the notes to me on Monday, and I will make sure that they get them during breakfast on testing date. This is not mandatory only a suggestion.
  • Be sure to contact the parents of your students that are testing. Encourage them to ensure that there child gets plenty of rest and is at school on testing day.
  • Non testers from Mrs. Smith's class will be divided among Bradley, Lefteau, and Martin. Those students should complete any and all assignments that your class completes on that day.
  • 5th grade testers will not report directly to your classroom on testing day. Instead, they will report to the cafeteria for breakfast. The test administrators will pick them up from the cafeteria. Please help us remind those students of this on Monday & Tuesday.
  • Student testers will return to your classrooms once their group has completed testing.
  • Your day should resume as normal.
  • For attendance, you will be given a hard copy of your roster by Mrs. Schwartz. Please have the attendance roster completed by 8:15 am on testing day.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to visit with me personally or email me.


STAAR Resources for Test Administrators

5th Grade STAAR Re-Testing

Tuesday, May 12th, 8am-2:45pm

1005 West 2nd Street

Elgin, TX

STAAR Make - Up Testing

Wednesday, May 13th, 8am-2:45pm

1005 West 2nd Street

Elgin, TX