New Year New Style


It's about us again!!!

OK don't judge me, I adore my children but 2 weeks filled with late nights and copious amounts of hot chocolate make for some pretty rambunctious (and memorable) times. So I am not going to lie when I tell you that I will be smiling as I drop them off in carpool. Of course, because they are so precious, but really because I can get back to the business of helping style my fabulous peeps!

Although the weather outside is frightful our Spring Line is oh so delightful and it is launching January 12th! You are going to FLIP out with all the cuteness we have in store. In fact..the first 3 people to book a trunk show with me in January will receive a special bonus! Details below.

I LOVE this gig!

You may be surprised to know that it isn't the accessories that keep me engaged in Stella & Dot. Yes they are cute and I do love having a revolving door of the latest fashion at my fingertips.

What I love more however, is the opportunity to style my life the way I want around my children's schedules. It is the ability to ramp up my business when I wanted to buy Taylor Swift tickets for my family knowing George would think it was not worth the price I paid.

It is the joy of being surrounded by enthusiastic, like minded women that are looking for a little extra "happy" in their lives.

I know it isn't for everyone, in fact, I would have never imaged I would be doing this if you had asked me 5 years ago. I am grateful and thankful I took the leap. I truly believe it is a great fit for many during different seasons in their lives. If you have ever thought for a minute "I could do that," I am an open book and happy to answer any questions you have.

This month, in addition to receiving an extra $100 in accessories when you become a stylist for $199, if you launch your business before the 14th of January you will also be entered to win the opportunity to name a piece of jewelry!!

Inspiration for 2016

Unwritten: New Year, Clean Slate, Fresh page. What do you choose to fill 2016 with?
Instead of resolutions, I chose one word that will be my mantra for the year ahead, a word that describes not only my current mood but the possibilities of what lies ahead of me in every area of my life.
Unwritten...because what lies ahead is undefined and I get to choose how I will embrace this year and thrive through whatever it brings.
What is your word? How do you choose to live in 2016? I would love to hear how you are taking on this year. Share your word on my Facebook page and on January 12th I will randomly send a little something to someone to help encourage them throughout the year!

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