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How Will Canada Be In 2060


This is about the demographic, immigration and First Nations life currently in Canada and how it will change in 45 years. It talks about how demography will be affected and change by the year 2060. The development in immigration will allow Canada's immigration to stay the same or will it change? It talks about the First Nations situation and how we might be able to change it. Welcome and get ready to see what I think the future holds for us in 2060.

Current Immigration in Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the whole world. Everyday people are coming and going from all around the world.

  • Every year 250 000 people immigrate to Canada mainly being economic immigrants, followed by family class and finally refugees
  • About 2/3rd immigrants come by economic counties. People from China, India and Philippines are currently immigrating to Canada the most
  • The number of people immigrating is based on the number of deaths and births in Canada called the natural increase
  • If the natural increase is low that year the number of people immigrating is higher
  • There are also business class immigrates as well as tourists, temporary foreign workers etc.
  • Canada has many pull factors such as great health care services, safety, education and many more
  • There are many people immigrating to Canada every year and it will continue growing

As you can see in the graph below, in 1860 to about the 1950's there are drastic changes in the immigration rate due to issues that have occurred in those time periods. In the 1910's the amount of people immigrating goes up the highest it has ever happened while in the 1940's there are less then 50 000 people immigrating each year. After the 1950's there is a consistent amount of people immigrating over the years and it stays the same until 2010. Canada has a consistent amount of people immigrating each year.

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Current Demography In Canada

In Canada, immigration is based on the current demography of Canada. Demography is the study of the size, growth, density etc of a country

  • Canada is currently at stage 4 in the demographic growth and slowly moving into stage 5 which means the birth rate and death rate are both low which is leading to a stable or slow increase
  • This means that there are about the same number of people being born as there is the same number of people dying
  • Last year, Canada's population annual growth rate was +0.9 per cent
  • Canada's net migration rate as of July 2015 is about 5.66 migrants/1000 people
  • The birth rate is about 10.28 births/1000 people
  • The death rate is about 8.42 deaths/1000 people
  • The people growth rate is about currently about 0.75%
  • As you can see Canada is currently at a slow and steady growth.
  • The population growth is slowly decreasing over the past few years

In the graph below it is showing the population growth of Canada from 1995 to 2015. As you can see the graph indicates that there have been many changes in the population growth throughout the years. In 2015 the population growth is slowly decreasing. The highest it has ever gone was near 2012 to about 2013. The lowest it has ever gone was in about 1998. Canada is currently decreasing slowly in the population growth.

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Current First Nations Situation

One of the biggest types of people living in Canada are the First Nations. First Nation, Métis and Inuit are the people who always lived and Canada. The current situation for the First Nations are:

  • There are First Nation with many well paying jobs all around Canada
  • There are a lot of stereo types regarding First Nations
  • There are many influencing First Nation people who try to be the voice of the First Nations such as Wab Kinew
  • There are issues with the government regarding the Indian Act
  • There isn't that well of a relationship between First Nations and the government of Canada
  • People are trying to overcome differences with the First Nation and trying to build a stronger bound

In the video below, it talks about how there was a meeting in the federal court which contributes to how there are many issues that occur with the First Nations and the Canadian government. It also shows that they are trying to finish the problems and the government is starting to acknowledge the First Nations and there rights.

Local Panel Discusses Recent Landmark Ruling on First Nations Land Title Supreme

Immigration of Canada in 2060

In 2060, I think the immigration will grow. I think Canada will become even more diverse then it already is.

  • People from all around the world would like to immigrate to Canada as it will have even more pull factors
  • I think more amount of people will be able to immigrate as the population would grow
  • I believe that the types of immigrants would stay the same and that the most immigrants would come as an economic immigrant as i think it is a very efficient and well working way for immigrants to come to Canada
  • I think that the system of immigrating will stay the same as well as the procedure because it has been working effectively all these years but there may be more safety procedures
  • I think people from Pakistan would want come to Canada in 2060 because by then there would be a lot more pull factors
  • There would be a variety of jobs to do in Canada that could be needed as well as the education would be better. More universities and colleges with great programs would be built
  • It would also be very safe and dependable place to start a better life
  • They would likely settle in Ontario specifically, somewhere near Toronto because it is in the city and it would be easier to find a job and get a great education

Demography Of Canada in 2060

By 2060, I believe that Canada's population will grow grow immensely from where it at today. I think from the present the population is already starting to increase by the amount of babies being born

  • As of the population of Canada is right now 35 000 000 as the elderly will start dying the adults will grow old and so on
  • If we have the same amount of children being born it will reduce the amount of deaths of children
  • There will also be a consistent amount of children being born which will lead to a growing population because very few children will die and it will let the amount of people grow
  • The increases in technology will also help save a lot of lives in the future
  • New technology will help health care and it will help save people's lives as well as children

First Nations in 2060

In 2060 I hope that the First Nation communities will get a lot of improvement.

  • I think there will be a lot of improvement where stereo types come into play because i think the government will set aside the differences and there can be a strong bound between the First Nations an d the Canadian government
  • I believe that by then First Nation would not be forced to live in reserves or far away from the city if they don't want to. Children of First Nations will be able to gain a great education and will be able to become and accomplish great things
  • I think there would be more influential and inspiring people that will encourage and help First Nations grow
  • I don't think that First Nations will not be able to to get all their land back because there will be a lot of people living on their land but they could become a part and live together and share communities

Azam A

Geography Project by Azam A


Overall, I think by the year 2060 there will be many changes that will occur in Canada. I hope that we can set a strong and dependable future or those who are to come and we can do as much that is in our ability to overcome the issues with First Nations. I believe in the years to come there will be a big demographic change in Canada and it has already started. I also think Canada will come a long way from where it is now and it will stay a diverse, unique and helpful country to the many immigrants that are here now and those that will come in the future.


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