Blue-Ringed Octopus


  • Lives in tide pools
  • Lives in warm shallow reefs
  • Lives off the coast of Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia, and Philippines

Prey & Predators

  • it lets out a poisonous venom to capture it's prey
  • To keep predators away it lets out a poisonous venom
  • It's very deadly
  • They eat crab, fish, and mollusks
  • Once they've eaten all the meat of the animal they produce sperm


  • They have tetrodotoxin
  • It can paralyze or even kill a human within minutes
  • The octopus itself is not affected by the toxins


  • They have sexual reproduction
  • Once they've eaten they produce sperm
  • Then they enter their grooved tip under the mantle into a gill slit
  • The female lays her eggs in several unattached clumps
  • The octopus keeps the eggs in it's arms
  • Once the eggs hatch the mother dies