Mrs. Morrison's 3rd Grade



Christmas Party

A letter will be coming home later this week about the Christmas party but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. We do not do a traditional gift exchange. Instead we do a "stocking stuffer" party. Each child can bring in 16 of something small (pencil, erasers, pieces of candy, candy canes, stickers, etc.) Then we make stockings and children can stuff one of their items into each of the stockings. This way everyone gets the same thing when we open them at our party.

Spelling test

We will only have two more spelling tests!!! We will take the week before Christmas off. Then sometime after break we will start our multiplication tests. I will send home more information when it comes closer. Sumdog is now set up so that children can practice multiplication facts up to 5's. Children should know their usernames and passwords. If not just ask for a copy.

What's Going On


In science they are now with Mrs. Starr learning about life science. They have been learning about how fossils are made and what they are made of. They have also been learning about the job of a paleontologist, the tools they use, and how difficult their job can be.


In reading we have finished up asking and answering questions using the 5 and 1/2 W's. We also have started comparing and contrasting fiction text. We read the story "One Grain of Rice" and then compared it when a story called "The King's Chessboard." Students were able to find lots of similarities and differences in the setting, characters, problem, solution. and events of the story. We are now moving onto comparing and contrasting nonfiction text. Students will get two articles on the same topic and will have to look to see what information is that same and different.


We have just started our first fiction story! Students have taken some time to develop their character, problem and setting. In the next couple day we will be talking about how to write a solution to the problem. Then we will be putting it all together for our first stories. I cannot wait to see what they come up with. We have some interesting ideas so far. They have came up with anything from a dog getting stuck on the moon, to a bunny getting lost in New York City.

Social Studies

We are finishing learning about what makes someone a good citizen. In the next couple weeks, I plan on setting up a food drive in the classroom. This will be to collect food for the local food pantry. I want to do this to show the students how citizens work together to make a community a better place. I will talk to the students about this event this week. Then I will send notes home to let you know when and what items we will be collecting. We have also been pretending to be pilgrims coming over on the Mayflower in social studies. The week before Thanksgiving, students each got a pilgrim named. We learned a little about the pilgrims journey each day and then the children would have something to do to go along with what they learned. For example, students needed to pack their chests, sit in a crowded boat and make up their Mayflower Compact, build houses, and plant foods. Down below are some pictures of the activities that they did.

Reading Week

We had such a fun time at the beginning of November during our reading week. Thank you to all of you who joined us for our family day. The kids had such a fun time. Here are some pictures from that week as well!