School Uniforms

Do you wanna? I don't wanna....

Uniforms are taking away our creativity!

I don't think school's should have mandatory uniforms. It costs money a lot of people don't have for one thing... It also takes away our creativity. FREEDOM OF CREATIVITY OR DEATH

Get A Load Of These Upset Kids In Uniforms


Frequently Asked Stuff

1.) Dear souless Ginger, Why do you hate school uniforms?

Because I believe it gives kids a limit to their creativity.

2.) Do you think there should be a dress code if no uniforms..?

Yes. I don't think we should come to school in little to nothing.. but I don't think it should be so demanding and strict...

We are free! Go past the knee!

Most uniforms are restricting and make it hard for kids to pay attention when they're busy fixing their uncomfortable clothing. We should be allowed to wear our own comfortable clothing. Uniforms are unnecessary in my opinion.