Smore #2

Luis Quinteros

Super Bowl Precis

Doritos, in their 2016 Super Bowl commercial “Ultra Sound” intends to advertise their chips by depicting a soon to be mother at an ultra sound with her husband by her side eating a bag of Doritos.

Their son, who is in the mother’s womb, is shown craving and wanting a Dorito when the father teases him with one over her belly and ends up being “bold” and literally jumps out of her stomach when she gets annoyed and throws the Dorito away.

Doritos uses transfer of the emotion amusement and surprise to the baby being eager to get the doritos chip in order to target and those who find the advertisement funny to buy their chips .

Using a humorous and disturbing tone, the intended audience for their Doritos commercial is towards teens and middle aged men who love Doritos.