My Personality Type

If I was a..... I would be...

An Article of Clothing

I would be the uniforms of Oregon football because they are very bright and shout out at people.

A vehicle

I would be a Maserati Granturismo because it makes so many people emotional towards the car

Season of the Year

I would be summer because it makes everyone happy and makes them move around. Plus you have no school so it should make everyone happy

Type of Music

If i was a type of music I would be House music, Techno, or Dubstep because so many people are super excited to hear it and happy to go to the concerts

A Celebrity

it would be Taylor swift because she is VERY emotional when she wins awards.


The movie i would be would probably be Castaway with Tom Hanks. That movie was extremely emotional.

Zoo Animal

I would be a mother duck because they are very protective and has a lot of feelings toward her baby's.

Circus Performer

I would have to say that i would be a clown because they are covered in many colors and always hyped with energy and emotions

Olympic Sport

I would say any Olympic sport would be mine because if you win or loose you are very emotional no matter what

Famous Athlete

I bet you could guess who this is going to be but it is Tim Tebow. He is very Emotional in every game he plays in and most known for Tebowing.