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Minidoka County School District

Week of February 29-March 4

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Upcoming Dates

February 29-SpEd Case Manager Training & Tide 12:30-3:30 DSC

March 3-4- DMTI (Secondary)

March 8-Admin Meeting

March 8-after admin meeting-attendance policy discussion (secondary)

March 10-IBB training

March 14-Board Work Session (all admin)

March 14-School Board Meeting

Dress Code

We will be reviewing dress code policies in Admin Meeting March 8. Please make sure you have read and reviewed the policies before the meeting.

Board Work Session-March 14

The board work session on March 14 will be on students fees. Please provide a justification on student feeds you provide. This should be turned in by March 7 to Kerri. Administrators need to attend.

Where a class is offered as part of the regular academic courses of the school, the course must be offered without charge.

Superintendent Evaluation

Please encourage your staff to complete the Superintendent evaluation. All staff members will receive an email with the survey.

Administrators need to also complete the Superintendent evaluation. Administrators need to use the following link to complete the evaluation.

Joki v. West Ada


Elementary Principals-please send a quick email to Ashley about flag education in your building. Write a few quick bullet points, or short summary of what your 5th grade does for flag education.

DMTI- Secondary March 3rd & 4th



AM- Alg 1 teachers

PM- Geometry

*MHS teachers would need to bring the 2-3 assessments they would really want to work on


Math teachers all day-

* MHHS teachers would need any and all of their curricular resources to do this job!


Graduation Requirements and SBAC 2.0

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Dear Superintendents

At the National School Safety Collaboratory (NSSC), we are creating a state of the art system to enhance the safety of your students and faculty at school. To this end, we need your help in gathering data on the occurrence of bomb threats. At this link,, please find a short survey that will help us close the gap between the rising number of bomb threats occurring at schools across the nation and the paucity of centrally maintained data on the topic of bomb threats.

To help us close the gap and to develop accurate research data, we ask that you forward the attached survey to all of the school principals within your district. Although the questions we ask are generic in nature, we are password protecting the link to our web portal to assure the highest security for the information we gather. Here is the link to the password After we collect your responses, we will use the data to empirically assess the scope of the problem and identify and test new ways to reduce the rising number of bomb threats at schools.

We know and understand how busy each member of your staff is and we greatly appreciate your assistance. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Bruce Becker who is serving as our principal investigator on this project. Bruce can be reached at 540-645-1050.

John H. Hnatio, EdD, PhD

Chief Science Officer


Pornography Information Meeting

We are holding a community pornography education meeting at the Fairfield Inn Conference Room on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 7pm. The information presented is pertinent for everyone--parents, grandparents, educators, teenagers and all responsible community members! We will show the 30 minute movie “The Porn Pandemic” which gives an overview of the harms pornography causes to individuals, families and communities. We will discuss how pornography is affecting your family, what physical changes occur in the brain as a result of viewing pornography, how to recognize the signs of addiction/compulsive behavior and how to help someone who is struggling, and what we can each do to stand up to protect our families and community. Feel free to invite additional family and friends to this meeting as this is very valuable information for everyone! Thank you for your concern for the children and families in our area!

Liz Stocking

Mini-Cassia Child Protection Team

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