The strong colony by Tristan Johnson


A long time ago ships left England looking for new land. The voyage was dreadful although it was worth it. The homes were not the biggest, with only one room they hade to make it work. Their living was not the best, with not a lot of food and not the right clothes for the weather living was not the easiest. With small homes and not good living they called this places Plymouth.


Voyage was the hard part of this colony so now i will tell you a little about it. The mayflower was built in 160. The mayflower had 102 passengers on bored when it when to Plymouth most of them died and everyone was on the under ground level except if they had to empty their wast. The boat was 108 tons and the average speed was 2.67mph. Over all the ship made it there safley.


I'm sure you will want to know how there living is. The home's were not the most best. The homes didn't have heaters or air conditioners. The homes were made up of mud and wood for the roofs they were straw just so it keep the rain out. That is a average homes in the colony.


You will probably want to know how the homes were so I will tell you. The homes were not like the the homes to day the were very small they only had one room to live in. The walls were mad out of mud and the roofs were mad up of straw to keep the rain out. The homes were close together and not much room to play. So that's like a normal Plymouth colony home.


Now I have told you every thing I know. I told you about the small homes. I told you about the bad living conditions. I even told you about the voyage. Overall the colony called there new home Plymouth.