EPIC House November Newsletter

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Happy November Amazing EPIC Families!

It is hard to believe that we already have two full months under our belts already for the school year! The students continue to amaze us with their hard work and dedication. They all seem like pros with their lockers and expertise with switching classes when only a few months ago so many were terrified of coming to this "big" school. From Map testing, Reader's Theater, Pumpkin Math, and school-wide celebrations in October, we continue to work hard to provide your children with an engaging learning environment that maximizes their full learning potential. It has been a pleasure to work with such a great group of students who care about each other and have done a great job representing Lineville and the EPIC house! We want to thank you for coming to conferences. It was so nice to get to know each of you a little better and be able to share the wonderful things your children are doing in our classrooms! We so much appreciate your support at home and know that it is only together that we will be able to have the greatest and most positive impact on your child's learning. As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to give us a call or email us. Thank you again for sharing your children with us! We feel very blessed to have each of them in our lives!

What's Up In the Classroom?

Core Subjects

Language Arts:

In Language Arts, students have been exploring many different literature texts to identify the theme in stories. We discovered that themes are not only in different forms of literature, but movies and songs, as well! We’ve been working hard to identify the theme for all these different mediums and pulling out evidence to help support the theme. Our students have been ROCKING at this! I am so proud of all of our students! This coming week, we will be taking our theme assessment. We will be moving onto Character Motives for our next unit. We will continue to be using many different mentor texts to assist students in creating concrete understandings about Character Motives.


We have continued to focus on grammar in writing, but have also started our narrative writing pieces! We started personal journaling, then moved into writing about small moments in our lives. Students had the option to expand those small moments into their narrative writing piece, or they could choose a new topic. We have been working on great beginnings and leads into our stories and will continue working on our endings and editing our papers. The EPIC House has GREAT authors! I cannot wait to read their final copies! :)


Students are still learning about Solids, Liquids and Gases in science. Within the coming weeks, students will be having many more experiments, since we have the bulk reading completed and can move into the hands-on learning experiences! Which is not only the students favorite part, but mine as well. :) Students are currently learning about the states of matter and physical properties. We had our first quiz in science on our vocabulary and key concepts. Students also took part in a mini-experiment making Root Beer Floats. Students identified the solid, liquid, and gas within the float and “dug” to discover what the gas was within the float. It was exciting to see how many scientists we have in the EPIC House. We will be continuing with this unit for the next couple of weeks. I believe that science is an inquiry subject, therefore, students will continue to have hands-on learning experiences that allow them to be an active participant in their own learning and discoveries.

Math 1st Hour: Students have finished the units on fractions, line plots, and our first month of Math Quest where we focused on the math strategy of guess and check. Your students continue to amaze me at their strong desire to learn and deepen their understanding of the skills being taught. We will continue on with a new Math Quest math strategy in November. In addition, students will be moved into new Math Quest groups in order to allow them the opportunity to work with other students and gain new insight from their math thinking. We have already started our next unit on decimals and the students seem very excited to solidify their understanding of how decimals work and how they are related to fractions and division. To wrap up the success of a great month of learning, we celebrated with Pumpkin Math and it was a great success. Students were engaged with pumpkins as we made a hypothesis in the class that the size of the pumpkin does not impact the number of seeds in the pumpkin. We will discuss the pumpkin math results when we return from our fall break.

Math 2nd Hour: After finishing our units on fractions and line plots, we look forward to moving into the unit on decimals. Although fractions is a very difficult and challenging unit for students to start with in fifth grade, it is a skill that we will continue to go back to and reinforce with corresponding units like measurement and decimals throughout the school year. I am very pleased with the success of the students in both of the units. Many students were willing to give up their recesses to come and eat lunch with me to reinforce the skills taught in class. It makes me so happy when students take responsibility for their learning and take advantage of the help that I offer. Their hard work definitely paid off. To wrap up our success, we celebrated with a Fraction Fiesta where students manipulated fractions in order to make a spooky brew of trail mix. It was a great day!
Social Studies: I want to thank you for the help and support you provided your children when studying for their first social studies test on early explorers. We worked really hard to learn the great explorers from each country, their reason for exploring and what impact they had on the natives. The material definitely gets more challenging and even though we cover the material in great detail in class including a rap that I wrote to help the students with the Spanish and a character called English Man to help them with the English, your support at home with studying was greatly appreciated. The students did very well and we are just finishing up a partner explorer research project that students will be presenting on Monday that will finish up the unit.

After explorers, students will be working on creating a lap book in order to develop strong map skills. This would include understanding the different types of maps, advantages and disadvantages of maps and globes along with covering latitude and longitude. This unit will take approximately 2 weeks to complete. Then, we will begin working on a simulation on colonization which the students last year loved! It is an excellent way for the students to feel like they are really traveling by boat to America and have to settle and deal with all of the dangers and experiences that the early colonists had to deal with.

Achieve 3000: We continue working on Achieve 3000 by connecting the lessons taught to both our science and social studies curriculum in order to reinforce skills taught in language arts. Mrs. Maroszek attended training from Achieve 3000 in October in order to gain more insight in how this tool can help us stretch our students and enhance their Lexile levels. We are currently in a school wide contest. Students can complete Achieve articles and activities at home which will help our class with the contest plus get them reading. Each activity that the students complete and receive a 75% or better result in points earned for our class. I believe that we can win! We have a great group of students. Please remind your students at home that working on Achieve 3000 does count toward their reading minutes for the month as well. Plus, they can search any topic that interests them! Go EPIC House!

Upcoming Important Dates

Friday, November 3rd: First Quarter Ends

Friday, November 3rd: PBIS RAVE Assembly to set November goal.

Monday, November 10th: 10:15-11:00am Veteran's Assembly. (All veterans are welcome to attend the assembly and join us for a complimentary lunch)

Friday, November 14th End of Day: Report cards available on-line for first quarter.

Wednesday, November 26th: Half Day, Lineville done at 11:40

Thursday, November 27th: No School Thanksgiving

Friday, November 28th: No School

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