Chaco Culture National Park

The Ruins of an Ancient Anazi Native American Holy City


Chaco is not a national park formed by nature. It was built by the Anazi Native Americans in 400 AD. Chaco is not a very big national park like other parks such as Yellowstone and Olympic National Park.

Where Is It?

Chaco is located way out in the middle of New Mexico hidden from the modern world where the nearest town is 71 miles away and the only bathroom is at the visitors center so if you can't hold it for long... Beware!

What Wildlife Is There?

Chaco has a ton of wildlife. During the day there are rabbits, prairie dogs, and of course the slithering rattlesnake. At night bats and howling coyotes come out of hiding.

Chaco Boring?

If there's one place that's boring it not Chaco. In Chaco you can go to Pueblo Bonito which was at least four stories high and had at least 600 rooms or Chetro Ketl known as Rain Pueblo which was four stories tall and had 500 rooms. These are all sites at Chaco.
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Why Chaco?

Chaco is not just a sight seeing park Chaco is a historic National Park. At Chaco you learn ancient history about Chaco and its inhabitants the Anazi Native Americans. Chaco also makes a great place to take pictures.

Want to learn more?

Here are a few more facts about Chaco.

  • Chaco has over 1 million artifacts
  • It was built in 400A.D.
  • It was part of an inland sea

Admission fees

  • $8.00 to park for 7 days
  • $4.00 per person for 7 days
  • $10.00 to camp for 1 day


  • Winter: below freezing most nights
  • Spring: moderate
  • Summer: 80's-90's
  • Fall: moderate

Visitors center

The visitors center is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas day, and New Years day.

The visitors center is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Chaco Culture National Park is open from 7:00am to sunset.