Vase project notes

by: Wynter Estell

What inspired me to create this piece

Well, when i was a little girl, i had a giant, stuffed, red dragon. I loved it so much. but, when i got older i listened to music while sitting next to it. My parents thought i wasn't playing with it anymore, so they threw it in the dumpster. I still remind them of it every day, because i miss it so much. So, i decided to do the stuffed dragon's head melting, to symbolize it being thrown away. The earbuds symbolize me listening to my music with it by my side.
title of artwork: Red Dragon

Date started:

Teacher: Mrs. Barret

Class: 8th grade in 3rd period art1

Materials used

for this piece i used clay, earbuds, paint of the colors red, orange, black, and yellow.

Experience making this project

it took me about a week and a half to finish the whole cay structure and details. It took a very long time to wait to put it in the kiln. But when the piece came out some of it was shattered. I had to glue the pieces back on. It was really frustrating cause i got my finger stuck to the head. I eventually got my finger off.