E-day: The Truth

Fun at "camp"

These two photos above are examples of what the government wanted people to think was happening in the camps. On the left, a picture taken during a baseball game with many people wathcing as this was a popular event in the camp. The photo on the right shows kids during a highschool dance having a good time. These are perfect examples of what ordinary people thought was going on in the intermint camps, people living normal lives and acting only as if they just temporarily moved to a new house. But as we know, this wasn't the case.

The truth

The two photos I selected above show a more accurate description of what happened at the internmint camps. On the left is an example of the really long lines people had to wait in just to get a small portion of food. This resulted in people being constantly hungry throughout each day because they couldn't go out to the store and get food. On the right is a photo of volunteers that wanted to help out. Even though they were 'volunteers', they were basically forced to do this work because people would think they did not want to help out their country. These photos portray the Japanese's situation more than the others because they show more of whaht people had to go through day to day—daily suffering and difficult labor.