Hiding Rape

Girls at Big Colleges being raped


The director of the Hunting ground did a very good job explaining rape that happens at colleges around the US.


The purpose of this film was to show how many rapes their are and how many are taken into investigation. Many colleges try and hide rape cases because it could ruin their school's reputation. The last purpose of this film was to show how many athletes and frats are the ones doing the raping and not being punished.

Defining the puspose

The director did a very good job showing how many girls were rape suspects, because they interviewed many of them in the video and I'm sure that their are many more that haven't been interviewed also. Colleges try and hide every rape case that happens at their schools, and if they do end up doing something about it, they either don't even punish them or give them lite punishments. Last if a athlete rapes some one, the school is suppose to turn the other cheek and act like it never happened.


In conclusion girls and guys at big colleges should be able to go there with having to worry about being raped. Also if they are raped the school needs to take control of there students and punish them or kick them out. Last when I'm in college I don't want to be worrying about being raped, college should be a safe place to have the best years of your life.