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Staff Edition for Week of May 2-May 6

Teacher Appreciation, Principal's and Asst. Principal's Week, and School Nurse's Day!

This is a great week to demonstrate our appreciation for one another! Celebrate our dedication and hard work to make our vision live! Build Relationships, Inspire Learners, Unlock Gifts, and Expect Success! That's what being a Wrangler is all about.

Tutoring is over for the year!

Tutoring will be cancelled this week. There will be no tutoring for the rest of the year. They have worked so hard and we are super proud of them.

STAAR Test - May 9th and 10th

On May 9th and 10th, our 3rd and 4th graders will be taking their reading and math STAAR test. Research has shown that children who participate in aerobic exercise before taking a test perform better. Join us at 7:15 to wake up your brain! Thanks Mrs. Sandy for leading us!
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Monday, May 2

Teacher Appreciation and Principal's Week begins!

1pm: Snack Bar hosted by PTA

Tuesday, May 3

8:30am: Homemade Donut delivery to you by PTA!

2:30 Chefsville (ends at 4:00)

Staff Volleyball practice?

STAAR videos completed

Wednesday, May 4

7:30am: Breakfast brought to you by PTA

9am: Sub. Appreciation Breakfast (Betsy Mills is our sub of the year! ShhhhShhhh)

9am: ARD

10am: ARD

3pm: LPAC Webinar- Media Center

3pm: Oral Administration of STAAR training - GT/ ELL room

Thursday, May 5

Cinco de Mayo


9am: ARD

10am: ARD

10:30am: Lunch brought to you by PTA

11:00 Stephenson view videos during rotationi

12:00 Smith view videos

12:10 Herrera

12:20 Vacante

12:30 Spears

12:40 Trauthwein

3pm: STAAR Training for all staff - Media Center

Friday, May 6

School Nurse's Day

10:30am: Lunch provided by PTA

Varillas/Echols and Garcia view videos during rotation

12:00 Larsen view videos

12:10 Gruber

12:20 Schnell

12:30 Mason

1:30 STAAR Pep Rally and volleyball game Staff vs students(?)


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