Random Locker Searches

By: Delaney Archer

school safety

The world is turning into a bad place, and that doesn't mean that our schools have to be a bad place too! Random locker searches are a great way to keep everyone safe and sound. Teens -now these days- are putting drugs, guns, and alcohol in there locker.


  • School is always suppose to be safe
  • But when kids stash drugs in there lockers how is school suppose to be safe
  • Six students were arrested one late afternoon when police found drugs in there lockers
  • they were arrested just days after Harper wood decided to do a locker check policy
  • If there were no random locker checks then kids would have got hurt of injured


  • kids always try to impress friends
  • they think guns are cool to show off
  • police were searching other lockers in Harper wood and they found a .40 caliber handgun and a .20 caliber handgun
  • Also a lock down on Thursday afternoon after a 16 year old student - who had a mm handgun - was found in his locker
  • schools frequently need to have random locker checks


  • Alcohol is one of the worst kinds of addictions for kids under 21
  • They think it is cool to do something you are not suppose to do
  • middle schoolers and mostly high schoolers want to drink alcohol
  • Harper wood district wanted to keep there students safe so they decided to check all the lockers in the school, and guess what they found.
  • Alcohol! : (
Monessen football players arrested in locker room bust
Drugs Found At Enid Elem. School

checking lockers

Ever since schools have stopped checking lockers the safety rate has plummeted. With random locker searches kids can be safe from drugs, guns, and alcohol hidden in other peoples lockers. If we didn't have those things than we will have a safer world. and safer schools