K.U.B.S. Sporting News

Week of September 19-23

Boat Project

For the next two weeks, KUBS will be working on their boat project. We are excited about researching a new state and writing a state report on our findings. We will also be measuring the distance our boat will travel from our state to another country across the ocean using map scale. After creating our own boats, KUBS use the classroom Sphero Balls to learn coding and use problem solving skills investigating ways to attach the Sphero ball to our boat and then motorizing our boats across water. It will be a very busy, hands-on two weeks of learning.

Open House Tuesday, September 27th

Open House will be on Tuesday, Sept. 27th from 6-7. We hope to see all of you during this time so you can look at some of the projects we have been working on during the past 4-5 weeks.


Students have been doing much better at bringing back their homework. Included in the homework is the KUBS Sporting News that has been signed by a parent. It is important that they put their homework in their binder and in the backpack so they are aware of what they are bringing to and from school. Once they get into a routine of placing their work in a specific place each day, the routine becomes a habit.

Scholastic Book Orders

KUBS will be bringing home order book order forms today. Finding books that they like to read is an important way to keep their love for reading alive. The books from Scholastic are very reasonably priced and students love getting their new books in class.

There is an online code on the top of one of the forms that will make ordering your books much easier. You can order and pay online and Scholastic notifies us of your order.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns that arise.

Mrs. Rippee and Mrs. Hamm