Web 2.0 Tools

Used in Ms.Smith's 9th Grade English Class


Dropbox is an online tool that allows you to store pictures, documents, and files on an online website so that they are easily accessible. No matter where you are, you can log into your account and access these files. You can even download the app on your smart phone or tablet and access them there too. For our English class purposes, this is where all students will upload assignments and allow access to the teacher so she can view them here. This was Ms. Smith may download the files and write her comments and corrections and re-upolad them and label as a graded file. You will be able to view these documents easily and at your convenience. Also all additional readings that the school does not provide will be uploaded to a class dropbox file that is accessible for all through link. This way paper will be saved and you do not have to worry about losing a reading it will always be online for you to view.
Evernote is a great resources for taking notes and being able to easily access them. You are able to access the work that you have created on your smart phone, tablet, or computer. This will be especially helpful for our class this semester when taking notes in class and on the reading assignments. We will be able to make online study tools for tests and quizzes and share them among all the students in the class. This will help the students to become organized and have all the valuable notes in one place.


Prezi is a great tool that can be used for presentations among many subjects. It is similar to the Microsoft program Powerpoint but can be accessed online. The big goal this semester is to have as much of the class as possible accessible online so that students may work on homework and studying wherever is convienent and there is less risk of losing important documents. Every student must complete a presentation on a book or play of his or her choice and to present we will be using Prezi. Each student will work individually with this program to create a rich content filled and visually appealing presentation and then present it to the class.