Tips of Quinceanera

By-Alexandria Kirschner

What is a Quinceanera?

A Quinceanera is both a religious and social event that emphasizes the importance of the family and society in the life of young people. It's a tradition in Mexico when a girl turns 15 and has a huge party. Padrinos are like god parents. Chambelan is the person who is chosen by the birthday girl to escort her.
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Quinceanera Order of Events

While traditions vary, the formal event usually starts with a mass or religious ceremony to give thanks. The celebration continues with dancing and feast at the quince party and reception.

The Arrival of Your Guests

One way to welcome new arrivals is having your caterers serve light appetizers and beverages to each guest who arrives.


Timeline is based on precision, and this is especially true at the very start of event. As the DJ plays entrance music, the entrance should comply to the following sequence: The parents, followed by the padrinos, the celebrants and finally the birthday girl's escort.
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The Toast

The toast is by/near the MC or DJ. Parents and padrinos are required to stand next to celebrant's side so then they can easily offer words of appreciation to the birthday girl.
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The Dinner

DJ or MC will have the task of organizing the quests, calling one table at a time. It's important that the line move along in a orderly matter. Guest of honors are served first.
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The Key Elements of the Quinceanera

Father and daughter dance will begin, which will lead to the Quinceanera Waltz. After the waltz is over, the birthday girl will get a surprise dance. This will keep the party exciting.

The Party

For getting everybody excited, try to get the court to select random guests to bring to the dance floor. If this goes well, the party will pick up more momentum.
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Cutting the Cake

Parents, the Padrinos, and the Chambelan meet the birthday girl at the table to cut the cake. Although it may seem ant-iclimatic, it's an important formality. And when it's finished, everyone can go back to the dance floor while the slices are served.
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The Final Song

The last song is for the birthday girl to with important people in their life, including parents, and the pardinos. So pick something memorable.
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