New Blog Post 4/4/14

Waterfield Humanities & Social Sciences

LOR 101 = INF 101

As your students are scheduling for the Fall, please be advised of the course designation change of LOR 101. Beginning with current scheduling LOR 101 will be known as INF 101. This change is just one of many coming to the library curriculum. There will be a blog post explaining the details coming soon!


EBL, the E-book Library is happening. I am currently doing preliminary work on the profile for the Department of History. After that is completed, I will begin the profile for another department. I will be contacting the Department Chairs as this process continues.

In the meantime, check out the EBSCO eBook collection in Databases A to Z. It contains numerous eBook titles that are available for use immediately!

New Blog Post

There is a new post on the Waterfield Humanities & Social Sciences blog regarding the titles that have arrived and been processed. There are many more still working their way through the system, so keep your eyes open for the new title list at the beginning of May.