Klein High Choir Weekly Update

Week 18

Next Week at a Glance

January 10-14

Mon - KISD Men's Choir Concert 7:00 pm At Champion Forest Baptist Church

Tue -

Wed - Final payments for Orlando and Dallas

Thur -

Fri -

Welcome back

We hope everyone enjoyed their Winter Break. We are very excited for the Spring Semester and look forward to some wonderful concerts and events.

Klein ISD Men's Choir

The Klein ISD Men's Choir Concert will be held at Champion Forest Baptist Church on Monday evening at 7:00 pm. Over 300 students from the intermediate and high schools will be performing. This is a unique event that our district has done for over 30 years.

3rd period and 5th period Men will wear their Klein High choir shirts, jeans, and comfortable shoes. They will report to the choir room after 2nd period, load the bus, and get to the church to work with Dr. Joshua Bronfman from Sam Houston State University to prepare for the concert that evening.

Final Trip Payments

Please make every effort to make your final trip payments next Wednesday.

Orlando - Final payment may vary per student (due to other payments) but most students will pay $184.

Dallas - Final payment will be $75

We do have some available spots on the Dallas trip. If your students is interested in participating please let us know.



A resource for all Klein Choir information can be found at kleinchoir.com

Forms, trip information, announcements, all-state information, booster club information, recordings, and more

Contact Information

The preferred mode of communication for us is email

Tim Winebrenner 832-484-4089 - twinebrenner@kleinisd.net

Rebecca Berger 832-484-4088 - rhickman1@kleinisd.net