PowerPoint Alternatives

Which of the following were created on PowerPoint?

Unconference Instructions
Using SAMR to Reflect on How Teachers and Admin Share Files.
Advanced PowerPoint Animation - The 2D Parallax
Descriptive Feedback




Questions to ask when choosing a presentation tool...

1. How Will People Be Accessing your Presentation?

Do you want it to live on the web? or in a local file you distribute? An advantage of a presentation living on the web is that once you revise it, the next time your audience views it, it is automatically updated.... you do not have to re-email files.

2. What do you want it to look like?

Some presentation tools are surprisingly open in the products that they create, whereas others create a very visually distinctive product. Powerpoint is actually extremely open, presentations can 'look' & act like anything, don't stick to the templates and bullets. The visual 'coolness' of a product should never be the primary reason for choosing a tool, your content and message should be what shines.

Prezi (web based)

Extremely visually distinctive 'zooming' presentations/graphic organisers (although you do not have to stick with that visual look) You can edit a presentation either on a Desktop or on an iPad via the free app.

Emaze (Web Based)

Web based presentation generation tool with multiple templates. (include Prezi-styled ones). Good BYOD functionality.

PowToon (web Based)

Creates template-based animations with text. Editing via the web-app on a desktop only.

Haiku Deck (Web Based)

Creates presentations that brings text to a minimum and focuses on the curation of powerful images and talking points. Presentations are editable via the iPad and web-app. Products are viewable on the web via any HTML5 device.

3. Is a Presentation really the best way for you to deliver your idea?

Does your student or teacher product really have to be a presentation?

Screen Casting Tools

These tools let you record your desktop screen with narration. Effectively letting you create instructional videos (which are exportable to YouTube) out of anything you have on your desktop.
The video below was recorded via a screen casting tool.
Using Tracker to Estimate Height

Record a Podcast

A podcast is an audio recording which can later be uploaded to the web. As a student product it can be an interview, a radio show, a public service announcement, etc.
Spreaker is a website in which these recordings can be uploaded and shared either as private links or publicly.

Create a wiki

Wikipedia is the widely understood use of the wiki format. Students could be responsible for co-authoring a series of pages on the topic they would usually have to present on. They would be responsible for text along with the creation and embedding of any images, video or other content.
Every Office365 Class site has a class wiki link active.
If you do not wish to use O365 www.wikispaces.com and www.pbworks.com are great wiki choices.