Mrs. Ralston's Weekly Update


Smore Newsletters

I'm trying out this website, Smore, to post our classroom newsletters. Let me know if you are able to easily view this format. I will continue to e-mail the newsletter weekly and I will post our newsletters on our classroom Twitter account, which is @MrsRalstonSFT.

Upcoming Learning

English Language Arts: The essential question we will be exploring this week is 'How do we investigate questions about nature?' We will be reading many biographies this week. We will be practicing the strategy of rereading and the skill of comparing and contrasting text structure (specifically chronology.) We will also continue to use Greek and Latin affixes and roots. Additionally, when we write this week we are focusing on developing a topic with relevant and focused details. The 2.3 (inflectional endings) spelling homework will be sent home this Tuesday, November 17th and is due Tuesday, November 24th.

Math: We are beginning our Operations and Algebraic Thinking unit. Students will learn the basics of using variables in expressions and equations. They will also learn about coordinate pairs and graphing them. Weekly Math will be sent home on Monday, November 16th and due Friday, November 20th.

Social Studies: We are still in our Age of Exploration unit and are currently doing research about an explorer or significant person during the 1400's-1700's. We are exploring their motives for exploration and the outcome and impact their explorations had. Students will get an opportunity to teach their peers about their person.

Science: Students will start a new unit with Mr. Dial about technology in the past and in the present.

GoNoodle just might be my favorite website right now! We use this site for fun dance breaks in class to get the wiggles out or help get our energy up! Some of the kids have had their parents sign up at home with their e-mails for their own GoNoodle account. With the cold weather coming, this is a great resource to help your kids exercise and move even when they are stuck inside. Be sure to have them show you some of the awesome routines we've learned this year, so far!