Brain Hemisphere

Alan Johnson, Period 6, 1/7/16

Brain hemisphere

Basically "hemisphericity" is the anatomy of our brains which are divided into left and right hemispheres. These sides of our brains have very different attributes and they each individually contributed to our own personalities.

Brain dominance

It is important to understand our brain dominance because then we understand our strengths, and weaknesses. We also then are able to design presentations and publications that are effective.
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Titles and definitions

We often need to understand the base of our brain to understand the complexity of everything inside, that helps us be us. Such as with our hemisphericity, this is our body of research on the processing differences between the left and the right sides of the brain. This is essential because it also helps understand about our corpus callosum, which is the bands of nerve fibers that actually connect both sides of our brain. Both of these help contribute, and lead for us to fully understand, and comprehend everything that we do in our daily lives the way that we do.

So what's the difference between our left brain and our right brain?

There is a humongous difference between the characteristics between our left and our right brain. Our left brain deals more with logical and reason than our right side which deals with creativity, and more so jocularity than anything else.

Right side

Our right side has different characteristics more so than our left, for example these characteristics include -

Left side

Now more so than the other side of the brain our left side has different characteristics such as -

Quiz results

I did two tests in which I was meant to figure which side of my brain was more dominant than the other. The first test I took can be found using the link found here-

This test I took gave me a result in which I was more so left brain with a dominance of about 53%, and a right side dominance of about 47%.

Quiz results part 2

The second test I took was more so multiple choice and it can be found here -

The test was about 18 questions and it also gave me some insight that I was more so left brain minded. But it gave me a deeper understanding of the characteristics and realization of what I have. It told me that I am left brained but I mostly go 50/50 at times. Some left brain types and functions are cognitive processing, linear, sequential, logical, verbal, and reality based. These are all best types of cognitions that I can work best at, as it was deduced in this test.