Pasquotank County


A home, you can call home

Pasquotank County is located in the Coastal Plain. The bordering counties are:Camden County, Perquimans County, Gates County. Pasquotank County was founded in 1739 and is named for The Pasquotank Indians, an Algonquian people.


The Pasquotank County Board of Commissioners is made up of seven people, who serve four year staggered terms. The Board's main task are to administer laws and to provide services. The current chairman is Jeff Dixon. The county manager is Sparty Hammet.

What to do in Pasquotank County?

Fun Times in Pasquotank County

Come visit The Great Dismal Swamp, a great attraction, there's a lot of wildlife here. We also have the Museum of the Albemarle, all types of cool thing are in there. Not to mention we have the Arts of the Albemarle.

County Seat

The county seat for Pasquotank County is Elizabeth City. It got the name from Elizabeth "Betsy" Tooley, a local tavern proprietress who donated much of the land for the new town. The council consists of nine members, who serve two year terms. The city manager is Richard C. Olson and the mayor is Bettie J. Parker.