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Being A Gamer

Negative Sides Of Being A Gamer

In recent years the interactive game has become an amazing development in the area of image quality, realism, interactivity, and the variety of games available to users. These advancements have led children and adults to spend more of their time gaming and less time together sharing with one another. Personal physical health can be seriously impacted from poor video gaming habits. Gamers become lazy and neglect necessary activities such as exercise, eating healthy foods. Gamers usually cause damaged eyesight, headaches and the inability to sleep. Video games can negatively affect the mental health of gamers. Focussing one’s attention on video games requires all their attention and leads to a reduced contact with the environment around. This can also lead to a lack of interest in daily activities and hobbies. Furthermore, gamers become isolated in their addiction and lack the necessary social interaction with families and friends.

Positives Of Being A Gamer

Nothing can brighten a gloomy day better than the warm glow of a television screen covered in blood and flying bullets. Of course, it’s not just the glow from the TV that makes you feel all warm and gooey inside; it’s science.The "Annual Review Of Cybertherapy And Telemedicine" published a preliminary study that found playing certain games can help a person escape from their depression at times when they have no control over the factors that are causing it. The games “seem to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which can reduce the heightened tension that is a natural response to stress.This means it helps your brain feel less hurtful. Another positive is Full motion control devices like Nintendo Wii, Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect haven’t just opened a whole new avenue for eating Cheetos. It may lead a new revolution for physical fitness and agility. The International Sports Sciences Association found people who play motion games in their homes not only hook young children on physical activity at an early age but also could encourage adults to move to more beneficial physical activities, noting, “Simply moving can increase one’s metabolism.”


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