News from 1D

January 19-23

What are we learning?

ELA focus: Main Idea, Past Tense Verbs & Adding the suffix -ed to a word (jumped, played, called), Writing assessments

Math: Beginning our Additon/Subtraction 9 week unit: Flip Flop Strategy- it doesn't matter what order the addends are, you will get the same answer! (4+3 is the same as 3+4)

Science: Experiments to end our Solids/ Liquids unit

Social Studies: American Symbols- learning the importance of the Bald Eagle and American Flag

January Lunch Room Sign Up!!

Please PLEASE PLEASE help us teachers by signing up to help us out for lunch duty!! THANK YOU!! (just click on the sign up below!)... I'm begging you!! :)

What's Happening This Week in 1D???



P.E Day

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: P.E Day (wear tennis shoes)

Friday: Runner's Club/ E-time

Coming Up!

Austin Carnival!! Saturday, 1/24/15

Spelling Words/ Test Changes!!

Starting this week, your child will have a total of 10 spelling words on their spelling test. 7 of the words will be practicing the spelling pattern we learned that week, or the previous week. 2 of the words will be sight words that don't follow a spelling pattern. and the last word will be a surprise mystery word that I will give the students on the day of the test. That word will follow the spelling pattern for me to see if they are really knowing the pattern or if they are just memorizing the words. You will practice 9 out of the 10 words at home. :)

Spelling List:

**Kids will be learning the rule of adding -ed to the end of the word this week**










Middle of the Year Assessments Starting!!!

Middle of the year assessments have started. Report cards will be going out on January 23rd. Inside the report card, you will find your child's middle of the year assessment data. For these assessments, we will be testing their reading level, writing assessment, sight words, and spelling (just like the beginning of the year). MAP will not be tested in January.

You will be contacted by me if I feel a parent conference is necessary. Otherwise, conferences will not be scheduled. However, if you would like to meet- please email me and I am happy to work out a time to sit with you! :)