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November 2, 2018

A Principal's Perspective

Kathryn and I along with other campus administrators attended a leadership conference hosted by the Cypress Fairbanks District. Some of my favorite educators were presenting (Todd Whitaker and Amber Teamann). I have been thinking about the quote shared during the keynote by Todd Whitaker. "The best thing about being a teacher is that it matters. The hardest thing about being a teacher is that it matters every day." Wow! What a great way to kick off a conference! I have been thinking about this quote and what it means to me as the principal of Greens Prairie Elementary. What does this mean to you?

Take a minute to respond to the following: Why I Teach

Think of one or two words in response. Go to and use the code 61 77 00 to record your response. Please note: I am trying a new presentation tool ( so my fingers are crossed that it will work. I will share our collective responses at our faculty meeting. By the way, the responses are anonymous.

Be innovative - Design the possibilities!


Morning Duties for the Week

Gym & Morning Assembly (7:20-7:45): S. Rhine

Word of the Week: 11/5: rambunctious; 11/12: irresistible; 11/26: scatterbrained

Tuesday Book Share: S. Rhine & Suel

Gym (7:20-7:45): Peterson

Parent Drop Off Direct Traffic (7:20-7:55): McMurray

Parent Drop Off Car Doors (7:20-7:55): Piscacek & Simmons

Cafeteria (7:20-8:00): Eppes

Bus (7:15 - 7:55 Buses/ Cafeteria after all buses arrive): Prukop

Counselor Schedule: 1st Grade Topic: Being Thankful

Librarian: PC

Week at a Glance

Monday: Fire Drill @ 1:30; Leadership Team Meeting @ 3:00

Tuesday, November 6th: 4th Grade Lunch with Principal @ 12:30 (student invites placed in each teacher's box); Campus Council @ 3:30 Conference Room

Wednesday: 8:30 - Education Foundation Grant Patrol Kickoff at GP in the gym; (wear your CSISD Education Foundation Birthday Shirts, any other CSISD Education Foundation shirt or a GP shirt and Jeans! To wear jeans on this day, you must wear one of the three shirt options listed.) 2nd Grade Field Trip to Mayborn Museum; New GP Teacher Meeting

Thursday: REACH before school; Data Team Group #2 (J. Rhine/Brice, Galow/Williams, Gilpatrick/Neidig, Miller/Owen, Bingaman/Sullivan

Friday: Donna off campus (personal day to volunteer at the Houston Nutcracker Market in Houston-Whoo Hoo!); Math Meetings K-4; Social Committee Thanksgiving Feast Sign Up: ; No math meetings during conference

Monday: Faculty Meeting - All Staff @ 3:30 in Cafeteria

Faculty Meeting Schedule Change: The November faculty meeting has been changed to Monday, November 12th. This change is due to the Restorative Practice Organization observing on campus. We are asking the consultants to update us as a staff on Restorative Practice strategies.

GP Coaches: No GP Coaches meeting this month. Our next meeting will be Monday, December 17th.

News & Notes

  • Grant Patrol: The CSISD Education Foundation will kick off their Grant Patrol at GP on Wednesday, November 7th, at 8:30. We will dismiss Morning Assembly at the regular time. Classes will need to return back to the gym by 8:30 so that we can award any possible grants and celebrate with the Education Foundation, both school drumlines & mascots, Central Office and other guests. If possible, we would like signs displayed throughout the assembly by students and staff. Sign ideas could be banners or posters with signs such as Thank You Education Foundation, Happy 20th Education Foundation, Happy Birthday, We love our CSISD Education Foundation!, Thank You for the Grants!, etc. Once the assembly is concluded, the Grant Patrol will visit other schools to deliver grants.

  • Campus Council: Grade level leaders - Please add agenda items for Campus Council meeting on Tuesday, November 6th.

  • Tech Time Staff Development: From the staff tech survey needs assessment sent out from Vicki, our next after school Tech Times will provide training on Nearpod, Smartboard bells and whistles, and SeeSaw on December 6th and January 24th. If you have other tech topic needs, Vicki is available to train.

  • Thanksgiving Bake Sale: The College Station Association for School Nutrition is having their annual bake sale. Order forms were placed in your box. Additional forms are in the office workroom. Forms are due in the cafeteria by Friday, November 8th.

It's About Time

We know that the district initiatives are very important and need of our attention. As with any district initiative, as a staff, we commit to implementing the initiative with fidelity and to the best of our abilities. I want to thank you for your patience and diligence as we navigate a new curriculum, Schoology, ProEthica and Restorative Practice.

As the campus principal, I am committed to you to try and find balance to our daily instructional practice, planning and meetings all while implementing these important initiatives. I would like to share my plan with you so that you are aware of how I am trying to fulfill our commitments and filter what is coming through all while balancing and honoring your time. Please note, this is my goal.

  • If at all possible, additional after school meetings and conference times will not be scheduled.
  • Faculty meeting agenda items will include as many district/campus initiatives and required trainings such as: the ProEthica discussions, state required trainings (abuse, bullying, bloodborne pathogens, etc.), Restorative Practice professional development, curriculum conversations, etc.
  • Monthly specialist meetings will provide for professional development, curriculum conversations/feedback and any additional campus items. The math meeting scheduled for Friday, November 9th, will be cancelled. K & 1st will not meet (assessment check list already discussed); 2nd-4th will complete an activity on your own guided by Pattie. More details coming soon.
  • GT: We are required by the state that all professional staff have 6 hours of GT training each year. We have completed 3 hours through Vicki Murphy's Fast Finisher Training. The August DaVinci Thinking staff development and field trip will count for the remaining 3 GT hours. We will add that training in Eduphoria and will automatically enroll you so that you receive credit.
  • To support instructional planning with the new curriculum, additional planning time will be creatively carved out for each team so that enduring understandings, transfer goals, essential questions, assessments and supporting activities can be developed.

Happy Birthday

This Week Birthdays:

No birthdays this week!

Mustang Yee Haws!

Jule Grant's husband, John Marcella Grant, will be featured in an art show at the Stella Hotel on Wednesday, November 14th, from 5-8 in the evening. The show will be at the P.O.V. Coffee Shop.