Lien Cheng Taiwan-made saxophone

Vol. 7 LC Museum

The Lien Cheng Saxophone Museum

This Museum is the only saxophone museum in Taiwan. Here, we are proud of our history and willing to share you our stories...

The story begin on 1940, a young man who insist to follow his dream that against the traditional value in a conservative Taiwan Society...

Mr. Lien Cheng's stubborn makes Houli became the most important saxophone town in 1970 and people respect him. He is Chang Lien Cheng and he is father of the saxophone in Taiwan.

Stories continue...

The museum have comprehensive information and we will provide Chinese/English voice guild to explore the museum. There are 4 part stories which included the background of first saxophone inventor “Adolph Sax” , the intention of Mr. Lien Cheng build the very first saxophone in Taiwan, exhibit a saxophone built by Adolph Sax in person and showing you 408 components that makes A saxophone. To know more please book your day with us by sending your information to our email.

We are in Taichung Houli, Taiwan

A lovely place breed saxophone makers. You can easily hear the sound of saxophone come from street played by Houli resident aged from 16-65. Saxophone is not only rich men's toy but also became an entertainment for a lot of people in Houli.