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Taking Your Google Slides to the Next Level


One of the most powerful tools that teachers use is Google Slides. What makes it so awesome is that it can be used to present notes, a daily agenda, or even daily journal prompts! But, Slides can be so much more than that! What can really take this app to the next level is by using add-ons to enhance your lessons and engage students even further. The following add-ons are easy to use and definitely take your Slides presentations to the next level!

Pear Deck

I've written a lot about Pear Deck recently, but that's because it is such a fantastic tool and add-on. If you're unfamiliar with Pear Deck, it is an interactive Slides add-on that allows students to correspond with the slides being presented without navigating to another screen. Students can provide short answers, answer a multiple choice question, or even explain their understanding of the content. One of my favorite benefits to Pear Deck is that when the presentation is open, the presentation does not advance on the student devices until the teacher moves on, so there's no peeking ahead!

Screencastify for Slides

Brand new last week was the Screencastify extension. If you've ever created a screencast, you're aware of how great they can be once they're shared! Now, that same learning can easily be shared in a Google Slides presentation. In order for this to work properly, all you have to do is create a folder in your Drive titled "Screencastify." Then, once the add-on is enabled, sliding your content in to a Slides presentation is amazingly easy. Imagine explaining a project to students with a screencast, inserting it on the first slide of a presentation, then making a copy for each student, so the understanding of the assignment is easily accessible!

LucidChart Diagrams for Slides

Creating a flow chart or diagram from scratch can be a tedious process. There are a lot of details that need to go in to making one look professional. But, the add-on LucidChart allows for seamless creation of these visuals. Imagine the program Inspiration, only not a desktop program and integrated within Slides. It is a wonderful tool to use when discussing web diagrams, or other visual aspects of the curriculum.

Easy Accents

This add-on was made for foreign language teachers! Imagine creating a presentation that allowed you to insert accents easily and efficiently! This is exactly what this add-on does! As you (or your students) are creating their presentations, you are able to add accents to words and sentences in over 20 different languages! Sounds like amore, to me!

Flat for Slides - Music Notation

You're not forgotten, music teachers! Flat for Slides is a wonderful add-on that allows teachers or students to create musical notations directly into Slides. This is a diluted version of the web-based version of flat.io. However, the creation of music is still available as a really cool add-on! Once the tune has been created, it is added as an image. The only downfall is that the add-on has to be opened again to be played. But, nonetheless, an awesome option for all music teachers, directly in Slides!

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