Is target the right place to be shopping?

Background information on Target:

  • Target was incorporated in 1902
  • The founder of Target is George Dayton
  • CEO is Brian C. Cornell
  • The companies subsidiaries ??
  • Target competes in clothes, food, beauty, and workout stuff
  • Chief competitors are TJX cos, Ross stores, Macy's, Dollar general corp, Costco, Kohls, Walmart, Nordstrom

Factors of production:

  • The companies products and services are: Wellness grocery brand, made to matter, Healthcare, Jessica Alba's the honest company, Champion workout gear, grocery, healthy assortment
  • Targets subsidiaries are target commercial interiors, Target sourcing services, financial and retail services,, target brands; owns and oversees the company's or private label products including the grocery brands Archer farms, Market Pantry, and and simply Archer Balanced, Sutton dodge, and their premium meat line.
  • They employ more than 360,000 people, but recently laid off a bunch of people
  • The company's net worth is $38.85

Financial Information

  • They have a steady sales/revenue since 2011
  • There net income was going up since 2011 but declined in 2014 but then went back up in 2015
  • Why did they go down in 2014? Because right before Christmas there was a credit card breach.

Stock Information

  • Target's symbol is NYSE:TGT
  • low is $55.25, high is $81.15
  • Trading today compared to the 50 week high/low is $80.47
  • The last stock split was in 2000
  • Total shares available are 625, 680
  • They pay dividends per share, $0.52
  • The last dividend was 3/13/15 payable on June 10th, 2015
  • John Hubert is an investor, stock quote is $80.73 down 0.3

New releases

  • After a string of lackluster years, Target has announced its first round of layoffs, which will cost the company 100 million dollars in severance payments. By NY Times
  • By Seeking Alpha: Target has run into a credit card data breach, which gave out peoples personal stuff as well as payment cards. That made sales go way down!
  • Seeking Alpha: Target has had problems with expanding into Canada
  • Target is laying off over 2,000 people

Summary, analysis, reflection

  • I think i would still buy this stock. Target seems to be doing good excpet for the job lay offs and the credit card scam. If you look at the last few years they are doing good with their sales/stocks.
  • My profit/loss from the stock game so far is -1,471.91 my total is $98,528.09
  • I have come to the conclusion that the stock market is much more complicated than you would think it to be. You have to have a lot of money to invest in the stock market, and you have to hope that your company that you invested in is going to do good. Also that your company can go down but it can also go right back up, so don't make any sudden changes. If you do then you could end up losing on a lot of money