Robb White

Robb White -- Bio

Robb White, the author of 27 books, and the husband of three different women. Robb was born in the Philippines in 1909 and died in the United States in 1990. Many of his books were very successful and won awards in scholastic book fairs. Through his fame in book writing, he also became very successful in Hollywood script writing. He wrote a lot of books raging from "The Nub", "Sail Away", "Candy" to "deathWatch". Though his books are mostly meant for juveniles, he has been known to reach adults as well. He died on November 24, 1990.


Deathwatch was a very good book, and I enjoyed it very much so. It was full of action and mystery and fear. I never knew what was going to happen next, and it kept me on the edge of my seat. The book itself wasn't too long so it kept me interested the whole time. Overall I would say that this book was very good and would recommend it for anyone looking for a short action adventure read.

Ben is a very smart young man trying to earn money to be able to finish school. He spends most his time being a guide for people hunting in the desert mountains. When he runs into a Madec, his average hunting trip turns into a fight for survival. From finding water to staying out of the scope of the .358 Magnum, his chances are not good. He manages to get on the offensive side, but he doesn't know where Madec is, want he is doing, or where he is watching. He has one chance to stand and fight, will he make it or will Madec get the best of him?


This book would attract mostly kids in their upper teens, but could also attract adults. It is action packed and intense and has you on the edge of your seat the entire way through. If an adult is into a thriller and action they would love this book, but I believe this book would mostly attract late teens.

From the Book

" Where was Madec? What was he doing? Had he already gone by? Was he now at the butte, perhaps already climbing it? If Madec had already gone to the butte he would climb it and, when he found Ben gone, would search the desert with his binoculars and, not finding him, would begin to search the ground for tracks... (White 140)

This Paragraph shows many different things about both Ben, and Madec. This exert from the book, and in fact the whole book, is told by Ben. In this section it truly shows us Ben's thinking. It shows how he is looking at all the different possible things going on when he doesn't know what actually is going on. He thinks through all the different things and what he can do. Madec is a very clever person. This shows that he has figured out a way to hunt down Ben, or at least thats what he thinks, and make it hard for Ben to know whats going on.

Main Characters

  • Ben
Ben is a desert guide that gets himself into a bit of a situation when runs into this man Madec. Madec completely turns Bens' life around when he hunts him for reasons only known in the book.

  • Madec
A bighorn sheep mounted on his wall is all Madec wants. When something happens and he can't get that, he decides the only way to free himself is to hunt and kill Ben.

  • Doctor
The doctor is a main character because even though he is only in a short portion of the book he helps solve the case.

Conflict: Man vs. Man, the struggle for survival in the desert with no food or water and a .358 Magnum chasing right on your heels.


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