Endangered animals in Iowa

The Northern Harrier

The Northern Harrier

Let me introduce you to one of the most unique birds, the northern harrier. It lives all around Iowa and in a few other states too. The only problem that the northern harrier is facing is it is loosing its habitat. That can seem pretty easy to fix, right? No, you may think that we can just grow some more trees and it will not be endangered any more, but I have news for you, its habitat is a little different to what you think.

Where does the northern harrier live?

The northern harrier lives in undisturbed, open grasslands. northern harriers are found in the northern part of Iowa. They breed in North America, Alaska, Canada, California, Texas, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Kansas. The northern harrier is a bird that likes open landscapes and lots of land to roam free. It likes wetlands and marshy landscapes ; dry prairies and grasslands. So it does not just need a few trees.

What does the northern harrier eat?

It depends on where the northern harrier lives because of the population of animals in that area but, 95% of the time northern harriers eat small animals because they're carnivores. Northern harriers even sometimes eat small vertebrates, including frogs, snakes, birds, and some small game. They also store some food to eat at a later time. They feed on mice, rabbits, shrews, and birds. Northern harriers mostly eat small mammals, same as most birds their size. Their food can include rats, voles, and squirrels.

Does The Northern Harrier have any predators, if so who?

Northern harriers have a lot of predators. These predators can include skunks, raccoons, American crows, ravens, dogs, coyotes, red foxes, and great horned owls. American crows and ravens eat their eggs. Northern harriers with young to look after almost always seem more aggressive to anyone or anything that gets in their way, especially predators. Males and females both equally defend each other. They may also sometimes steal prey away from owls by bothering them until the owl drops its food.

What we are going to do about the Northern Harrier being endangered?

This bird needs someone's help to not go extinct and I want to make sure that it doesn't go extinct. Everyone can help out in different ways, such as talking to wildlife experts in our community, making posters to hang up around our community, and even just spreading word about how this animal is endangered to neighbors, family, and friends. It is your choice, but it is definitely a great cause to support!