Places To Visit Along The Nile

By Joel Thorsen

Aswan High Dam

The Aswan high dam is a pretty neat built around the 1960's and 70's. It's located across the Nile River in Aswan Egypt which helped get it's name. There are some awesome reasons how it helps the environment to it was built was to control floods and provide hydroelectricity and there is no clear evidence that it pollutes the water. The only bad part it did to the environment when it was built it reduced the amount of fish. But the only way to get a full experience is to check it out yourself in Egypt!

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is not only a beautiful lake but It's the Nile rivers main source to be exact white Nile. Many explorers in the 1800's tried to find out what the main source was but, most got lost following the Nile from Egypt. They got lost mostly by swamps and because of strong river currents. But finally in The 1850's, John Hamming found it although many people doubted him at first he later proved his case and it was officially named the source in 1937. But you should join the journey those explores had by viewing it yourself.
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Cairo Egypt

Cairo is in Egypt and is beautiful just like most of Egypt. There is a very large bridge that you look down and the Water down their looks beautiful from the bridge. The river flows right through the middle of the city which makes it a beautiful place for tourist to find it. In here is 11 million people with wonderful buildings. Cairo is 600 miles down the Nile river. Check it out!

"The Great Bend"

"The Great Bend" is in parentheses because this part of the Nile river because their is no specific name for it. It's called that because that's what happens to the Nile. This part of the nile is 800 miles intill it reaches here. It's called "The Great Bend" because the nile is gowing pretty straigh then it goes very far to the west than east then keeps on going pretty staight. What majes this place unique is that is only happens once not any other time does it do this in the Nile. So thats why it's one of the coolest places in the Nile river.