Are King Hammurabi's laws fair?

Decide for yourself.

Fair or unfair?

Do you think Hammurabi's laws are fair? Well, I don't. I think that his laws are completely unfair. I think we should have equal rights, like the same punishment for the same crime, no matter who committed it.
One of the laws, Law 48, says that if a man borrowed money for crops and a storm ruined them, he doesn't have to pay back his creditor. Do you see what I'm saying? Here, the lower class people don't have to pay the creditors. Then, the creditors don't get any money. How would you feel if you were a creditor who gave 10 shekels of silver to a man for crops, and you're expecting it back, and then you don't?! You want your money back, don't you?

Two more of Hammurabi's TOTALLY UNFAIR laws, Laws 53 and 54, are two more of ALL of the laws I disagree with (all 282 laws). Basically laws 53 and 54 state that if a man has opened his trench for irrigation, and the waters flood his neighbor's field, the man has to restore the crops he has caused to be lost. The reason I think it is so unfair is because it's like saying "You wouldn't let me inside and I got soaked, so now you have to do my laundry.". If the neighbor didn't want his field to be lost or ruined, he should've put up protection or just opened his trench so his waters would meet up with the man's water, so they would stop where they met.