The Right Makeup Techniques

By: Madeline Weiss


Let's start of by talking about makeup brushes, I mean I like applicators better, but what ever you prefer. The key to having fabulous makeup is using the right techniques, such as using good brush strokes, and having clean brushes. You could also use your finger if you prefer that method, but for this let us keep it on the brushes. For the brushes you want to use nice, gentle, and clean strokes.


For the eyeshadow, you need to chose a color or colors that match your personality. For applying the eyeshadow you can take your first color and apply directly on your lid, then take you next color and apply it on the line of your eye, top and bottom. Also for choosing that eyeshadow you want to make sure it will be comfortable, if you have sensitive eyes you might want to invest in a eyeshadow that is right for you.


For the mascara you want to chose on that is not to clumpy and that will make your lashes long and lushes! So, first you want to do your eyeshadow first and than apply your mascara. when you apply mascara you want to apply in nice easy and light strokes. Don't go to crazy because you can layer two types of mascara together if you want. Also don't forget to add on some fake lashes! Spice up your look a little bit!

Blush and Bronzer

For this category I am going to talk to you about applying this type of makeup. There are many types of blushes and bronzers, there are cream blushes, bronzer and blush duo's, I mean there are so many! I like to use a blush and bronzer duo. For applying this you want to take the blush and apply it to the apple of your cheeks. For choosing the right color you want to use a color that will be great with your skin ton. Just have fun with it!

Lipstick, Lipgloss, and Loving your Lips

I know, we all want our lips to be nice and smooth, but we should all know that normally that doesn't always happen! My advice for you is to always apply a lip balm or capstick at night, when you wake up in the morning your lips will feel like butter! Also apply lip balm before you apply a lipstick. Now, on to the fun part, for the lipgloss you want to chose a gloss that you love first of all and that it is something that won't hurt your lips. For the lipstick you can chose a color that goes with your personality, and chose a color that is good with your skin ton as well. Also, always remember, Love Yourself!!!!!