Electrons in Atoms

pg 6 Shawnte' Dillard

Electron Configuration

1. Find the element on the periodic table

2. The number of electrons

3.Write the configuration

N- The main energy level (The max energy level is 2n)

L- The orbital shape/ sublevel

M- Orientation (X,Y,Z)

S- Spin (Clockwise/ Counterclockwise spin of electrons)

Orbitals are numbers 1-4 Sub levels are letters s,p,d, and f

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Electron configuration examples - Long hand

Orbital Notation

  • Orbitals are filled in order from the lowest to highest energy.
  • Full orbitals are high in energy
  • Half filled have lower energy

Hund's "School bus" rule states the electrons will fill every orbital before they pair up.

  1. Find the number of electrons/ make an electron configuration
  2. Place your first sub level under a line or inside a square or circle.
  3. Count the number of electrons in each sub level
4.Write your spin on top (1up and 1 down)

*You must begin with your clockwise arrow and fill all the sub levels before moving onto the counterclockwise arrows.
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How to Draw Orbital Diagrams