The Courtney Forney

Life of the Good Me

Born and Raised

On February 26,1995 in Winston Salem at Forsyth Medical Center, Courtney Tianna Forney was born. I was 2 months premature and only 1.5 lb. when my grandmother was told by the doctors that my mother and I wouldn't make it. Now its 2013 and we are still on this Earth and very healthy. I have always been the kind of person that will do anything for somebody else before myself because I care way to much for other people than myself.

Life After High School

I was accepted into Wake Forest University, and there I got my degree in medicine. I always wanted to attend this school because I was born here, and I always loved the treatment and care that Baptist provided for my second cousin with sickle cell anemia.

My Dream Job

I got a job in Winston Salem at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, and there I worked as a Neonatel Assistant for a while before I actually became a neonatel surgeon.
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Life As The Bad Me