Why Do People Think Pit-Bulls.

Why Do People Think Pit-Bulls Are Agressive?

Why Do People Think Pit-Bulls Are Agressive

PitBulls you think are aggressive because people leave them out to die. You've probably heard nightmarish stories about PitBulls and their supposedly dangerous natures. You may even have friends who own dogs but still believe that PitBulls are unsafe and to be avoided. The breed's reputation worsened, thus encouraging more people in the market for "mean" dogs to adopt PitBulls, and the catch-22 was in place.


Why do people think PitBulls are mean

A Leave them to die

B Keep them but in dog fights

C They keep them in there house

Pit Bulls are mean

A No

B Yes

C Both

What is the main reason why PitBulls are aggressive

A Dog Fights

B Leave them

C Keep them at home





PitBulls are What breed

A German Shepard

B PitBull Terior

C Kuvasz

D Dog

What is the dog that is overly excited

A The middle

B The one on the right

C The one on the left