By: Stephanie Lara Kaltoum

Why did I choose to create this item?

I chose to create 'My Little Book of Playdough' as it is a very fun, educational, durable and a safe item for kids aged to 2-4 to play with. The child will be able to use the traditional aspect of playdough in a creative way, by simply following the little instructions such as: Use your playdough to make a face.

The book is safe as it has no sharp edges that could cause harm and it is too large to be consumed, there are no small objects that can be swallowed and the playdough provided is toxic free so if it were swallowed it would not be poisonous. As the book is laminated it is extremely durable; if it is looked after and not in contact with any water it can last for a long period of time. The playdough can also last for a while if stored correctly, but when it begins to dry out it can be easily made or bought.

All aspects of play can be utilised in 'My Little Book of Playdough', as the child can develop socially by playing with other children, physically by using their fine motor skills to mend the playdough, emotionally by understanding different emotions through creating faces, and cognitively by learning about different emotions, colours, animals, foods, shapes and numbers.

How is my item appropriate for 2-4 year olds?

'My Little Book of Playdough' is appropriate for 2-4 year olds as it is safe, durable and can cater for the needs of 2-4 year olds. It allows children to have fun and learn at the same time. While they think they are having fun making different things out of the playdough, they are also developing socially (If playing with others), Physically, emotionally and cognitively. The words, pictures, shapes and numbers are also quite large and simplistic allowing 2-4 year olds to easily understand. Also the book is suited to different levels of development. The 2-year-old can try and complete the activities only, using their fine motor skills to mend the playdough, whereas the four-year-old can complete the activities and further create ideas for a story using the pictures.

How I made the item

How does my Item contribute to the development of the child?

The playdough activity book that I have created allows children to develop Cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically.

Cognitive Development - they are able to develop cognitively through 'My Little Book of Playdough' as they learn how to count, learn about different shapes, animals, emotions, colours, food and the environment. They are also able to boost their creativity skills by naming the animals, creating stories out of the scenarios, animals and people, and creating different foods out of the playdough.

Social Development - They are able to work and discuss with other people while doing the activities. This will enhance their social skills and consequently enhance their communicational and language skills

Emotional Development - They are able to emotionally develop by learning about and identifying the different emotions which people have when creating the faces for the characters out of the Playdough.

Physical Development - While mending and moulding the playdough to make different shapes they are physically developing. The item will help them build their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.