The Bully

by: Paul Langan


There was a freshman form Philadelphia his name was Darrell and he lived with his mom he also had two best friends by his side to help him. One day hie mom found a job but the problem was that her job was in California that meant he had to move and leave everything behind. When he got to California he lived with his Uncle and Cousins. His first day at his school was scary to him his school was called Bluford High. On the next day of school he meet the bully Tyray. Tyray did not treat him nice at all he will do lots of mean things to him a lot. The next day Tyray saw Darrell walking down the street coming back for the store with a back of oranges in his hand so Tyray and Rodney ran over there. When they got over there Tyray had a knife with him he took it out and cut the bag of oranges and then took the knife and tried to kill Darrell whit it but they didn't the were done with Darrell so they ran away. When the where go Darrell picked up the oranges that haven't been stepped on. When he was picking up the oranges a woman came by and helped him. She had her grandson go to Bluford High so she asked Darrell what school he went and he said Bluford. Well my grandson goes there his name is Harold he has been trying to make friends will you be his friend please?" The next day looked for Harold he finally found him he went over there and said hi after that they kept talking and they became friend . So when it came to Thanksgiving Darrell was reading a book that Mr. Mitchell gave him it was called "The Hatchet". The person in the book was named Brian he got lost in the woods cause his plane crashed. He went through a lot of things and when the polite found him he was a young man. Darrell wanted to be like him cause Darrell thought he was a weak and small man for his age. One day Darrell found a letter next to his locker it said "Build Confidence. Gain Strength. Join The Bluford Wrestling Team. No experience required. Freshman welcome. See coach Lewis for more information." He was thanking that wrestling will help him gain strength so he can beat Tyray (the bully). So the next day he went to coach Lewis for more info. Darrell asked if he can join the team and he did. It was getting close to the dance and he wanted to go cause this girl named Ambeylnn was going to be there. Harold said he wanted to go cause this girl was going to be there that he liked so they both went to the dance. After that every on became friends.

All About Paul Langan

He was born in 1972 in Philadelphia. He spent his early childhood with his mom moving to southern New Jersey. In 1991 he went to Camden College but later he went to La Salle University. He wrote "The Gun", "Summer of Secrets", and "The Bully" ex. Paul Langan is still alive right now and he is 43 years old. Go to to find more info.
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