Fire Ants

help control this pest


Fire ants are becoming a problem in the southeastern states, over 104 hectares of land are covered. Some scientist believe that this insect can not be stopped because fire ants have reproduce so rapidly. That is why we have to try to control these pest.

Fire ant bites photos

Even though fire ants stings are not fatal, they are extremely painful. Within 24 hours of being stung small red sores appear. These sores are extremely itchy and very prone to infection.

How fire ants are harmful?

During droughts the crop damage increases as fire ants seek other water resources. Fire ants can build their mounds in irrigation systems blocking the water flow. Fire ant mounds can interfere with farm activities like planting, weeding and harvesting.

Ways of Managing Fire Ants

Empty trash cans frequently, keep areas around trash cans, dumpsters etc. clean. Pouring hot water (90 degrees F) on to the mound is successfully but only temporarily. Pouring grits on to a mound has also been reported as affective.

Fun Fire Ant Facts

"fire ants" or scientifically called Solenopsis. Their are over 285 different Solenopsis types worldwide. Much like bees ants have a "queen", the queen is larger than other ants and lives 6 to 7 years longer than a regular ant. The queen produces over 3500 eggs a day. Fire ants originated in Brazil.

Do your part..

.. in helping the outdoors and if you think they cant get to you if your indoors? Your wrong. We need to make it safe for everyone indoors and out.