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Weekly Newsletter - October 15, 2019

You Can't Teach or Expect What you Don't Know or Can't Do

The title of this section is a spin on the quote from our keynote speaker from this past summer's ROCK Rise Up Summit. Meena Srinivasan is one of the guru's for SEL implementation in schools. Her quote was in regard to facilitating the development of strong SEL skills in teachers so that they could help our students. She said in her speech "You can't teach what you don't know". This quote is telling and powerful and we challenge you to take it a little further in developing your own Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills as a leader. EI can increase your effectiveness when working with your community, students, teachers, and parents. Our work demands a high level of EI. So in the next several weeks, we will highlight a component of EI and leadership as you work on building your own capacity to be more effective.

We will begin with a basic overview of EI in leadership and why we need to constantly work on our leadership development through EI:

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: Learning How to Be More Aware - Does your emotional intelligence lift your team to new heights?

When you think of a "perfect leader," what comes to mind? You might picture someone who never lets his temper get out of control, no matter what problems he/she is facing. Or you might think of someone who has the complete trust of her staff, listens to their team, is easy to talk to, and always makes careful, informed decisions.

These are qualities of someone with a high degree of emotional intelligence.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence or EI is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, and those of the people around you. People with a high degree of emotional intelligence know what they're feeling, what their emotions mean, and how these emotions can affect other people.

For leaders, having emotional intelligence is essential for success. After all, who is more likely to succeed – a leader who shouts at his team when he or she is under stress, or a leader who stays in control, and calmly assesses the situation?

According to Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist who helped to popularize emotional intelligence, there are five key elements to EI:

  1. Self-awareness.
  2. Self-regulation.
  3. Motivation.
  4. Empathy.
  5. Social skills.

The more that you, as a leader, manage each of these areas, the higher your emotional intelligence. We will highlight each of these areas in the next five weeks with strategies to increase your effectiveness in each competency. For now - begin by paying attention to your feelings in different situations and what you are doing with those feelings.

Have a great week!

Your Student Services Team

Positive and Connected Cultures

Click on the video below to learn about simple strategies for connecting and tracking connections with students. These connections are so important K-12! Check out the ideas and challenge yourself on how to apply and tweak for your school. When our students feel connected and that they belong, amazing things can happen!!!!
Making Sure Each Child Is Known

Updates and Information

  • We have about 9 spots left for the CHAMPS 2 day training. This is classroom management training and strategies for teachers on campuses that have implemented PBIS successfully. The cost is $50.00 for the book and the cost of the sub. Student Services is handling the rest of the expenses. The consultant will be from our Region XI Service Center. Dates below are in Strive:
  • Day 1 October 29th
  • Day 2 November 12th

  • Here is the link to the PSA and Attestation for threats. This is required for grades 7-12 and for K-6, please view the video and highlight key and age-appropriate reminders to your students.

  • Oct. 1st the Transfer Window opened for the Spring of 2020. Please review and have your principal and secretary review the timeline and process on the Student Services Google Site here Transfer Process. Here is the link to the transfer page on our Keller ISD website: Student Transfers.

  • Benefit Open Enrollment for the 2020 Benefit Year will begin Monday, October 7, 2019, and end 11 p.m. Sunday, October 20, 2019

  • All the required ROCK Training PowerPoint are posted to the Student Services Site under ROCK and training. All teacher, student, and staff training must be completed by Oct. 25, 2019. Click here to access all the pieces of training and the attestation form

  • Oct. 31st - Education Support Team Webinar 10:00-11:00

More Professional Development for You!

Mr Kafaele says that it is imperative that you do all that you can to start your students' day off positively. Morning announcements are powerful tools for enriching the school climate and inspiring students to do their best. Question 7: Do I set the tone for my school at the start of the day by delivering an informative, inspiring, and empowering message?

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