"Society Matched them, but love set them free."

Plot Summary

After leaving the Society and desperately searching for the Rising, Cassia and Ky have found what they were looking for, but at the cost of losing each other yet again. Cassia has been assigned to work for the Rising from within Society, while Ky has been stationed outside its main location. Meanwhile Xander, an undercover activist for the Rising, is stationed in a hospital to treat a deadly virus that has been spreading across the Society. With time running out and no one to trust, Cassia, Ky and Xander must find one another and find the cure before the world they know and the people they love disappear forever. In this beautifully written, well thought-out novel, Ally Condie addresses the importance of balance between control and free will, and how the most well-intentioned motives can lead people to do the most dangerous things.

Character Analysis

Ky Markham

Ky Markham is an orphan from the Outer Provinces, and moved to Mapletree Borough when he was 10 years old after the Society’s approval. He was not matched, and will never be matched, because he can’t. His parents were killed, and he got adopted by his Aunt, Aida and Uncle, Patrick. He was born Ky Finnow, but changed his last name to his new family. His father got killed in the Outer Provinces because he joined the rising, but Ky did not join the rising so he was safe. His parents got killed in the explosion, and an official caught him and took him to Oria. Ky has tanned skin and dark hair. His hands are red forever, from the heat of the machines at work. He’s mysterious and intelligent, a character of depth and unfortunately cannot have a life like the others.